Agar provides an extensive collection of helpful resources, including cleaning charts, guides, and more. These resources simplify the process of communicating information with your staff and customers, making it easy to ensure a well-informed and efficient workplace.

Each chart and guide is carefully designed to enhance your understanding of product applications, improve productivity, and promote safety. By utilising Agar’s charts and guides, you can optimise your operations and create a smooth-running environment.

Take advantage of Agar’s readily downloadable resources today. Browse our selection below to enhance your knowledge, improve communication, and boost productivity in your business. Trust Agar for reliable support in all your cleaning endeavours.



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We Offer Custom Charts!

Did you know that Agar offers free custom product charts? Each chart comes with the product, application, and dilution rates to ensure the right product is used safely and correctly. Contact your local Agar distributor or account manager and get your personalised chart created free of charge.

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