Food and Beverage cleaning


Boost your cleaning efficiency and safety with Agar’s complete Cleaning and Sanitising Program and high performance food and beverage cleaning products. The complete Cleaning and Sanitising program includes onsite monitoring and reporting, cleaning procedure support, onsite and online training, surface microbial testing and OH&S documentation to make reducing your risk easy. Get the support you need to ensure your operations are consistently returning hygienic and efficient results. Boost your facility’s cleaning confidence with the support of Agar’s cleaning experience, expert technical advice and responsive service.  You can trust the performance of Agar’s cleaning chemicals as it has been manufacturing them for over 50 years and supplies them all over Australia.


  • Abattoirs, boning rooms, meat packers, wholesale butchers
  • Processed food manufacturers
  • Dry food manufacturers such bread, flour, breakfast cereal and pasta producers
  • Fruit and vegetable producers and wholesalers
  • Beer and wine producers


  • Heavy Duty Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Food Surface Grade Sanitisers – variety of different products made using different active ingredients available to suit your requirements
  • Clean in Place (CIP) Chemicals
  • Alkaline & Acid Based Cleaners F&B Chemicals
  • Hook Cleaning Products

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Food and Beverage products

A complete Cleaning & Sanitising Program

High Performance Products

Trust in Agar’s high quality, concentrated cleaning and sanitising products – formulated to improve food safety and minimise the risk of cross contamination.

Onsite & Online Training

Get your staff trained in chemical safety by the experts with Agar’s onsite and online training programs.

Monthly Onsite Monitoring & Reporting

Keep track of the cleaning and sanitising program, swab test results and changes to procedures with monthly site visit reports.

Cleaning Procedure Support

Make sure your operation is using the most efficient and effective cleaning procedures with the support of Agar’s expert technical advisors.

Instant Onsite Swab Testing

Quickly address any potential points of cross contamination with Agar’s instant, onsite ATP swab testing.

OH&S Documentation

Let Agar take care of your OH&S cleaning product documentation requirements including risk assessment and SDS folders, and cleaning procedure charts


  • Site assessment to determine best cleaning practises for your facility that comply with quality and food safety programs. This includes determining the right chemicals to suit your specific application.
  • Free trial available to allow you to test Agar food manufacturing cleaning products and see their performance for yourself
  • Full support program including onsite monitoring and reporting, compliance documentation, staff chemical training, cleaning procedure support and surface testing available
  • 50 years experience formulating and manufacturing high quality products
  • Highly concentrated cleaning products provide excellent performance and value for money
  • Can install dispensers to suit your facility requirements
  • Expert technical advice
  • Online and onsite training
  • Online ordering
  • Custom wall charts available for cleaning instructions
  • Screen printed dispensing bottles
  • Consistent supply and reliable delivery