Why Choose Agar?



That can enhance your cleaners’ output & provide your business with excellent value.


Boost the cleaning power of your business. Get the cleaning products that provide performance! Agar offers its clients quality commercial and industrial cleaning products that are ultra-concentrated and packed with an unprecedented level of value.


Get Results

  • Clean faster with high-performance products
  • Impress with a brilliant clean and professional finish
  • Improve hygiene, prevent cross-contamination
  • Field-tested and proven for reliable results
  • Minimise environmental impact with the GECA licenced range

Save Time

  • Boost output with high-performance chemicals
  • Formulated to work quickly to save you time and money
  • Get the job done right the first time – no re-application!

Reduce Expenses

  • Ultra-concentrated chemicals go a long way!
  • Enhance your business’s profits with lower periodic costs
  • Get systems to minimise wastage and product misuse

Improve Safety

  • Proactive & consistent service
  • Full range of compliance support materials
  • Product formulations designed to be gentler on patrons & staff
  • Educate staff easily with onsite and online training
  • Place orders 24/7 with Agar’s convenient online ordering
  • Colour Coded Cleaning System makes cleaning simpler & safer


Dispensing Systems

Improve your chemical management and dosage accuracy while reducing spills and wastage with Agar’s range of reliable and easy-to-use, pre-labelled dispensing systems.

Technical Support

Get your team the best technical support and responsive advice available. Agar’s technical support staff are experts in cleaning and problem-solving.

Quality Assurance

Trust in Agar’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality products when and where you need them.  All chemicals are manufactured in a facility that has certified quality systems.

Online Ordering

Speed up and simplify your ordering processes with Agar’s online ordering system. It’s quick, easy and accurate!

OH&S Support

Get covered with Agar’s range of OH&S support material to assist you in complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines and Government regulations.

Onsite & Online Training

Train your staff in chemical safety quickly and effectively with Agar’s free online or onsite chemical awareness and safety programs.

Agar’s high-performance cleaning products and cleaning supplies are available from their warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane as well as from a huge network of cleaning product distributors around Australia.



As a family-run company dedicated to manufacturing quality cleaning chemicals, our commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility is unwavering.

We proudly hold certifications from esteemed organisations such as the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), ISO9001, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), and the Building Service Contractor Association of Australia (BSCAA).

These certifications underscore our dedication to sustainable practices, quality assurance, and industry excellence. They are not just badges on our website; they are testaments to our relentless pursuit of better, more responsible manufacturing.

For a deeper understanding of each certification and what they mean to our operations, we invite you to learn more below.