Agar Cleaning Systems takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality cleaning products for its clients in a diverse range of industries including commercial cleaning, industrial, food servicing and processing, healthcare and education. The Australian family owned business has been producing its products locally for over 45 years.

“We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the cleaning solutions they need to succeed. Our long standing history has been dedicated to perfecting formulations which ensure productivity, quality and speed,” Steve Agar, Joint Managing Director

Agar supports its customers, in achieving their goals, through providing a range of services which complement its cleaning products including expert technical support, Workplace Health and Safety compliance documentation, dispensing and application systems, online and onsite staff training as well as online ordering.

“Our investment into research and design has created an enduring reputation for formulating cleaning products which do the job and can be relied upon. We work closely with end-users so that we can understand their requirements and see first-hand how our cleaning products work in the real world,” Paul Agar, Technical Director.

Agar is at the leading edge of environmental sustainability with a comprehensive and high performance range of green cleaning products available and accredited through the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). The company has always taken a total approach to the future, effectively implementing strategies to reduce harm on the environment and its product users.

Agar’s dedication to supporting its clients through providing quality cleaning products that work has helped them clean better, reduce labour costs, increase productivity and improve safety.


The company began in 1968 in suburban Melbourne when Ross Agar started producing high quality wax polish, toilet bowl cleaner, mopping detergents and disinfectants for Melbourne cleaning contractors. He gained a reputation for working ‘on the job’ with cleaners. By better understanding their needs, Ross started formulating and manufacturing more efficient cleaning chemicals. Not surprisingly, these products were very popular and the company has now grown to be a national supplier with locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth as well as regional centres.

To complement these outlets, Agar also has a large network of distributors which work together with the company to provide outstanding service for its clients.

Superior Cleaning Products

Agar specialises in a range of cleaning products formulated to ensure consistent quality and high performance for the commercial cleaning industry. Intended for a diverse range of cleaning, hygiene and surface protection applications, Agar manufacturers products including floor polishes and sealing systems, general cleaning products, heavy duty industrial cleaners, carpet cleaning products, hand soaps and personal products, hospitality cleaning products, as well as a comprehensive laundry and specialised cleaning range.

Our products are sophisticated, refined, formulated to work well, and yield excellent value for money. Several decades of experience has gained our technical team the knowledge and insight into the most effective and suitable ingredients and how to blend them together to achieve the best performance outcomes.

Agar’s manufactured range of products is supplemented with a wide selection of cleaning hardware and consumable items sought from leading suppliers.