Carpet Cleaning

Rely on Agar’s range of specialised carpet cleaning products to produce a brilliant clean every time. Your clients will be impressed with the results and you’ll be happy knowing how easy they were to produce.

Whether you’re a carpet cleaning professional or just do the odd spot clean, Agar has the products and the know-how to help. With over 55 years of experience manufacturing cleaning products, our extensive product knowledge has helped us create some of the most reliable and easy to work with products in the industry.

Benefits of using Agar Cleaning Systems

  • Extensive range of products available to tackle any stain
  • Expert technical advice
  • Chemicals to suit different cleaning methods
  • 55 years of experience manufacturing high-quality, value-for-money cleaning products
  • Full compliance documentation is available
  • Screenprinted dispensing bottles
  • Consistent supply and reliable delivery
  • Colour Coded Cleaning Systems

Products Available