Hard Floor Care

Boost the shine of your floor, increase the longevity of the sealer and expand the time between strip and seals with Agar’s high performance floor care products. Over 50 year’s experience has taught us how to make some the most glossy, hard wearing sealers that customers love. Easy to work with, they continually produce excellent results that ensure happy clients.


Agar’s floor sealers form part of its Total Floor Care System which includes base sealers, top coat sealers, strippers, floor maintainers, cutting back detergent, and cleaning detergents. Using Agar’s products together can radically improve the life of the sealer and decrease the costs associated with stripping and sealing over the life of the floor.

Benefits of using Agar Cleaning Systems

  • Increase the life of your polish
  • Looks better for longer
  • Impress your clients with a beautiful, lasting shine
  • Improve productivity with user friendly products
  • Reduce expenses with lower life cycle costs
  • Improve longevity with durable, hard wearing products

Products Available

  • Floor Sealers
  • Base Sealers
  • Specialised Sealers
  • Polish Strippers
  • Daily Cleaning Detergents
  • Floor Maintainers
  • Cutting Back Detergent
  • Spray Buff Detergent
  • Neutraliser

Base Sealers

Base sealers build strong protection and adhesion to the floor while its top coats bring a beautiful shine and easy maintenance. Agar has formulated a range of floor sealers to suit specific floor types and top-coat sealers.

Top-Coat Sealers

Add gloss, increase wear-and-tear resistance and boost longevity with Agar’s range of dazzling top-coats. Formulated to suit specific floor types and desired outcomes, they include beautifully glossy sealers, an all-in-one base and top-coat sealer Duro, buff-free sealer Super Nova along with super star 3D Gloss and new favourite Tuff-Gloss.

Specialised Sealers

Specialised sealers are those produced for specific floor types or finishes such as a low-sheen/matt finish, Matt Finish Sealer and Satin Finish, timber floor sealer Timbertech and penetrating stone sealers Stone Block.

Floor Maintainers

Floor Maintainers are a range of wonder detergents that contain varying levels of shine and polishing agents to leave the floor looking extra glossy after a wash and/or maintain and even build the sealer film. Scrub’N’Shine and Sympol are both recommended for sealed floors. Scrub’N’Shine cleans the floor while maintaining the sealer while Sympol cleans and actively builds a sealer film with each wash. Both of these detergent sealers help to greatly increase the life of the floor polish. Autobrite acts in the same way however it is best used for unsealed floors. Shinywash on the other hand leaves the floors looking glossy after a clean without laying any polish.

Cutting Back

Clean up ingrained dirt from sealer and remove scratches without having to do a full strip and seal with Agar’s break-through detergent Florprep. It’s powerful formulation takes the top layer of sealer off to allow for a new coat to be layed. This makes maintaining the floor for longer easier and more cost efficient!


Rip up old sealer in a flash without damaging the floor with Agar’s range of high performance strippers.

Daily Cleaning detergents

Clean your polished floor with detergents formulated specially for cleaning and protecting floor sealer. Agar’s range includes Autoscrub – a detergent made specially for use with autoscrubbers, pH-7 an environmentally preferred and neutral floor cleaner and Fresh Mop, a streak-free everyday floor cleaner.

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