Ultimate Outdoor Cleaner and Degreaser!

Rev up your outdoor cleaning operations with Agar’s ultimate outdoor cleaner and degreaser Dirt-Off. Specially formulated to tackle tough dirt, grease, grime and carbon, it can rip through the most stubborn of soil while protecting the surface below.  Made for use on a vast range of outdoor surfaces so you’ll only need to keep one cleaning product on hand. Dirt-Off can be used to clean cars, bikes, fences, pathways, trucks, concrete, BBQs, decking, bins, machinery, floors, equipment, walls and more!

Dirt-Off is safe for use on stainless steel, glass, porcelain, vinyl upholstery, painted surfaces that are in good condition, aluminium and plastic.  Use together with a mop, brush, cloth and bucket or pressure washer to clean things up fast.

Make your outdoor areas sparkle with Agar’s Dirt-Off! See some before and after images below! Available from an Agar warehouse or our distributors. For more information on Dirt-Off or to download the SDS or PDS, view the product here.