Wipe Away

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What is Wipe Away?

WIPE AWAY is a powerful, grease-cutting cleaner that rapidly attacks and removes soilage from hard surfaces. It is formulated for spray-and-wipe cleaning.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful, grease-cutting formula cuts through dirt & grime with ease
  • Leaves no residues or films
  • Very economical – makes up to 200 bottles!

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How Does It Work?

WIPE AWAY is a fast-working cleaner that easily attacks and removes soilage from hard surfaces. It is designed to wipe off in one pass with no residues or ‘films’ being left on the surface. The popular sweet spice perfume leaves the area with a delightful fragrance in the air.

For Use On…

WIPE AWAY is excellent for cleaning all types of walls, stoves, painted surfaces, shower recesses, tabletops, laminates, vinyl, and all other hard surfaces.

2 reviews for Wipe Away

  1. Jose Morant

    Smoke stains was what surprised me when they just broked down use it on oven’s and showers fantastic

  2. Sue Zuccala

    Have trialled this product on some heavily soiled areas and have had great results.
    It is effective at removed marks when we would normally require a harsher creme cleanser to spot clean.
    Looking to making the change from our regular type of spray and wipe cleaner.

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