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What is VisChlor?

VISCHLOR is a high-strength foaming dual-action cleaner and sanitiser with powerful alkalinity for use in food-processing facilities. It quickly dissolves oil, hardened fats, protein, starch, grease, smoke and food residues from hard, washable surfaces.

VISCHLOR produces a high volume of stable foam for extended contact time and better soil removal. It is ideal for foam-gun application and works in both hard and soft water. Because it offers an effective method of killing undesirable microorganisms (germs, bacteria, fungi, etc.), VISCHLOR is also an excellent sanitiser.

Key Benefits

  • Highly active cleaner, rips fats off hard surfaces
  • Suspends fat, grease and dirt
  • Two-in-one cleaner and sanitiser
  • Biodegradable
  • Has a high level of sodium hypochlorite
  • Versatile cleaner with many applications in food factories


How Does It Work?

VISCHLOR contains available chlorine which kills bacteria, yeasts, mould and many viruses. It also contains caustic alkali and detergents to provide an excellent cleaning action. Removes cooking fats, vegetable oils, smoke films, carbon deposits, food spills, protein and other contamination found in food preparation areas, kitchens and abattoirs.

For Use On…

VISCHLOR is designed for use in most applications and tasks in open area cleaning of food factories. It can be used to clean all surfaces not harmed by water and chlorine including stainless steel equipment, walls, ceilings, unpolished tiled floors, baths, showers, glass and porcelain. Do not use for cleaning aluminium, copper or zinc.

NEVER MIX VISCHLOR WITH ANY OTHER CHEMICALS, especially acids, as this may produce toxic fumes of chlorine gas. Avoid splashing VISCHLOR on clothing as it will burn holes in cotton and other fabrics. VISCHLOR is corrosive to the skin – wear protective gloves, clothing and safety glasses as shown in the SDS.

1 review for VisChlor

  1. Lindsay Pate

    Fantastic product, used in a wild game storage/ processing facility and vehicles. Twice as fast and more effective then any other product on the market that we have tried. Has reduced cleaning time by about 45% with a better finish. and Local rep (Luke Yatras) is easy to deal with and attentive, still makes the effort to get the delivery to us wether it’s a small order or large. Every other site that has used our facilities is in the process of switching to vischlor

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