What is Ultrastrip?

ULTRASTRIP is a powerful stripper that rips through old films of hardened floor polish and rinses away easily leaving old floors stripped clean and ready for recoating.

Key Benefits

  • Odourless
  • Easy to rinse
  • Complete stripping action, even on stubborn coatings
  • Rips through old polish and heavy build-ups
  • Floors are not slippery to walk on when ULTRASTRIP is in use
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How Does It Work?

ULTRASTRIP is a low foaming stripper with a free rinsing action that leaves floors stripped and ready for recoating. It has a low concentration of volatile ingredients so it is practically odourless to work with. ULTRASTRIP gives fast and complete attack of sealer and wax films. The speed and depth of its reaction decrease the need for machining, thereby saving time.

For Use On…

ULTRASTRIP will not affect metal, vinyl tile or wood surfaces but must be diluted for stripping rubber floors. It should be well diluted and used cautiously on sheet vinyl floors.


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