Steel Shine

What is Steel Shine?

STEEL SHINE is a water-based cleaner that polishes stainless steel and aluminium surfaces with a deep shine. Stainless steel panels around lifts, finger-plates, architraves and handrails can be kept glossy, clean and free of finger-marks and smears by applying a thin film of STEEL SHINE. This shiny film enables marks and smears to be wiped off easily with a soft cloth.

Main Benefits

  • Is water-based and safe to use
  • Cleans, polishes and protects metal surfaces
  • Makes daily cleaning quicker and easier
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STEEL SHINE is an emulsion of pure, safe white oils and silicones in water


  • If the stainless steel is heavily soiled, it should be cleaned with a detergent such as METAL-MAX, NOVADET, HF Detergent or WIPEAWAY.
  • Use STEEL SHINE neat (do not add water).
  • Spray STEEL SHINE onto the metal and spread the product quickly over the whole surface with a cloth, applying it lightly and evenly.
  • Allow the area to dry, then buff lightly with a clean, DRY cloth (not the applicator cloth).
  • The steel will dry to a rich, glossy shine and will now be protected from fingerprints, staining and marking.


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