Shower Star

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What is Shower Star?

Shower Star is a concentrated bathroom cleaner with naturally occurring mildew and mould killers in the formula.


Shower Star provides excellent cleaning power along with fantastic environmental credentials, including biodegradable, all natural & renewable ingredients, organic acid ingredients and no phosphates or chlorine.

Main Benefits

  • Works without scrubbing
  • Kills mildew and mould
  • Rinsing is not normally required
  • Fresh citrus fragrance


How does it work?

The wetting and detergent agents in SHOWER STAR work with the organic acids to attack soap scum and water scale. SHOWER STAR also contains ingredients that kill mould, mildew and the fungi responsible for spreading tinea.

For use on…

SHOWER STAR is excellent on showers and baths but also finds use in cleaning basins, taps, vanity units (not marble), urinals, toilets and porcelain tiles

1 review for Shower Star

  1. Dianne hillard

    I have worked in hospitality for years and this is the best shower cleaner

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