Portacare Super

What is Portacare Super?

PORTACARE SUPER is a premium blue liquid sanitiser and deodoriser designed as a waste tank additive for portable toilets, sewage holding tanks and sanitary pan systems.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours.
  • Breaks down sewage and toilet paper.
  • Controls bacteria levels.
  • Will not harm tank seals.
  • Contains surfactants to improve waste wash out.
  • Concentrated blue colour to mask waste contents.
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How Does It Work?

PORTACARE SUPER works by altering the biochemical pathway of sewage breakdown to prevent formation of malodours. During sewage breakdown hydrogen sulphides are formed, which are the main malodour forming chemicals. PORTACARE SUPER contains a special ingredient which inhibits the formation of the sulphides and reduces malodour production. Further malodour suppression is achieved with a deodorising agent and a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Nonionic surfactants in PORTACARE SUPER attack and encapsulate the organic matter and separate these substances from the walls of the tank enabling waste contents to be washed out with ease. PORTACARE SUPER also contains an effective sanitising agent to control bacteria and a concentrated blue colourant for masking waste tank contents.

For Use On…

PORTACARE SUPER is designed to be used in the waste tanks of portable toilets, building site and event toilets and cassette toilets, as well as in bus, caravan/camper and aircraft holding tanks.


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