Oil Stain Remover

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What is Oil Stain Remover?

OIL STAIN REMOVER is a white absorbent paste containing mineral turpentine. It is to be used in the “poultice method” for removing stubborn oil stains that have soaked into porous concrete and stone floors and wall tiles.

Key Benefits

  • This is the ONLY WAY to successfully remove deeply embedded oil stains from rough-surfaced bluestone
  • Succeeds where all other detergents and degreasers fail
  • No mixing; ready to apply
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How Does It Work?

Concrete and bluestone floors are notoriously porous and if oil from cars or fat from food and chips is spilled on these surfaces, an ugly dark stain is produced. It can also occur when hydraulic hoses break in machinery such as scissor lifts. Because the oil soaks down into the surface, cleaning these spots with a heavy-duty detergent is not effective. The surfaceoil will be removed, but the oil that has soaked in will still be there deep in the pores, and it will migrate to the surface to fill the place of the oil that has been taken away. So, the spots will come back! This is very frustrating for the cleaning staff. To overcome this problem, we developed OIL REMOVAL PASTE. This paste is spread on the stain and left overnight to activate. The turpentine in the paste wets the area and dissolves the oil. As the turpentine evaporates from the top of the patch, the oil is carried up into the powder component of the PASTE. Next day, the paste will have dried to a powder, which is swept up. The oil spots are removed by this process, which is called the poultice method.

For Use On…

OIL STAIN REMOVER can be used on any hard surface that has embedded oil stains. It is therefore suitable for concrete, bluestone, granite, ceramic tiles, terracotta, marble, limestone and terrazzo. OIL STAIN REMOVER removes engine oil, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, cooking oil, fat and dripping.

1 review for Oil Stain Remover

  1. Shayda Degan

    Incredible. I had two dozen oil stains the size of the palm of my hand, from my car over half a year on an original red brick driveway. They had been there through three seasons, summer and winter. Put this paste on each spot, next day it was a dry powder and the stains underneath were gone. Literally like magic. I didn’t even scrub or wash just swept the driveway, tried to get it off but it just spread out finely over the large area. I expect the wind and next time it rains it will remove what is left or I’ll hose it down. I used a normal broom and no mask as I was standing up, but I would now suggest getting a small dust pan for each spot so it goes in the pan instead for the most of each patch with a dust mask. Quick and easy. Absolutely worth every cent. Amazing

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