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Ocean Air - Deodoriser

Ocean Air

Additional Information

Code OCE5, OCE20
pH Level

6.5 +/- 0.5


5L, 20L



Product Description

What is Oceanair?

OCEAN AIR is a strong odour-masking deodoriser with a powerful cleaning action that leaves surfaces clean and perfumed with a pleasant fresh fragrance. OCEAN AIR is very good for treating offensive odours where a powerful residual perfume is required. It is ideal for washing and mopping all hard surfaces including polished floors, tiled areas, fittings, glass and walls. OCEAN AIR is also ideal as an air freshener in an atomiser spraygun.

Main Benefits

  • Has a beautiful fresh residual perfume
  • Is a biodegradable detergent
  • Has an odour-masking action which is excellent in problem areas
  • Re-odorises through the day



Download SDS File


Download SDS File


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