Methylated Spirit

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What is Methylated Spirit?

A solvent for removing soilage and stains caused by adhesive tape marks, cosmetics, hand prints, fats and some types of ink. It is also a powerful germicide.

How Does It Work?

METHYLATED SPIRIT is suitable for removing adhesive tape marks, cosmetics, touch marks, fats and some types of ink stains from hard surfaces. It is particularly useful for removing random spots and marks from windows. METHYLATED SPIRIT also kills many germs and is therefore a useful sanitiser for toilet seats and other fittings.

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For Use On…

METHYLATED SPIRIT is a solvent for removing soilage, spots and stains from hard surfaces, including glass, which require fast, clear drying.

2 reviews for Methylated Spirit

  1. Allen Wild

    Yes, I use metherlated spirit to clean my phone, I use a small spray plastic bottle.

  2. Allen Wild

    Yes I use metherlated spirits, to clean my phone from a spray bottle just one spray.

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