What is Masterpiece?

MASTERPIECE is a high solids, all-in-one floor sealer and polish. It is extremely durable and long-lasting even under heavy foot traffic.

Key Benefits

  • MASTERPIECE works well on all types of sealable floor
  • All-in-one sealer & polish
  • Highly durable so film lasts longer
  • High solids – fewer coats required
  • Superb wet-look gloss finish
  • Lays smoothly & effortlessly off the mop
  • Easy to re-coat – simplifies periodic maintenance
  • Suitable for unbuffed floors
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How Does It Work?

MASTERPIECE is a long-lasting acrylic floor polish with excellent wear resistance and durability. It has been formulated to reach very high gloss levels with gas-powered buffing at ultra-high speeds but is equally suited to low-moderate speed buffing. MASTERPIECE is also an ideal basecoat product to go under softer acrylic polishes.

MASTERPIECE will provide a glossy finish which will hold its shine much longer than conventional polishes. It has an especially high resistance to abrasion and can withstand heavy traffic levels without wearing out.

For Use On…

MASTERPIECE is a non-slip product designed for application to vinyl, timber and stone floors. (Note: Ceramic tiles are usually not porous enough for acrylic polishes to bond to successfully. Always pre-test the polish on ceramic tiles before applying to the entire floor. Lay 2 coats on one tile. When dry, stick adhesive packaging tape across the tile then rip it off. If the polish has remained in place, it will be safe to use. If it comes off, the tiles cannot be sealed.)


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