Whats is LCD-60

LCD-60 is a heavy-duty, built alkaline liquid CIP detergent for removing food residues, fats, oils and proteins from metallic, plastic and ceramic surfaces.

Key Benefits

  • Highly concentrated.
  • Safe on stainless steel.
  • Low foaming.
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How Does It Work?

LCD-60 contains 60% sodium hydroxide and low-foaming surfactants that have been selected to provide fast and complete removal of fats, oils, proteins, starches and other food residues and biofilms from hard surfaces.

As well as saponifying fats and oils, the alkalinity also hydrolizes peptide bonds and breaks down large, insoluble proteins into smaller, soluble polypeptides.

For Use On…

LCD-60 is designed for application by “Cleaning in Place” (CIP), soak tank or manual brushing applications. It is ideal for use on stainless steel vats, pipes, fittings, utensils and equipment.

It is not suited for application to aluminium or other soft metals including brass, copper, zinc and galvanized iron.


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