Laundry Sour

What is Laundry Sour?

LAUNDRY SOUR is added to the final rinse to neutralise any traces of alkalinity in the fabrics. By restoring pH to the correct level, the washed articles are conditioned for the finishing process such as drying and ironing. pH control is especially important in preventing rolling in the flatwork ironer. Also, LAUNDRY SOUR prevents the possibility of residual alkalinity in the garments from causing reactions in people with sensitive skin. LAUNDRY SOUR is suitable for use on all fabrics and both whites and coloureds.

Main Benefits

  • Is high in neutralising value, therefore very economical
  • Is able to suspend soils, thereby facilitating the rinse action
  • Is non-foaming
  • Is gentle on fabrics
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Product Type

LAUNDRY SOUR is a concentrated, acid-finishing agent for use in industrial, institutional and commercial laundries where washing machines are supplied by Automatic Liquid Detergent Feed Systems.


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