Laundry Emulsifier

What is Laundry Emulsifier?

LAUNDRY EMULSIFIER is surfactant/detergent-rich liquid detergent made for use in industrial, institutional and commercial laundries.

It works together with its companion products LAUNDRY BREAK, LAUNDRY BRIGHTENER & RINSE and SOUR SOFTENER to provide a complete system with the flexibility to wash all kinds of fabrics.

Key Benefits

  • High level of cleaning performance
  • Suitable for cleaning any washable fabric
  • Biodegradable
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How Does It Work?

LAUNDRY EMULSIFIER contains surfactants to emulsify soils, break down fats and remove greasy substances. The product can be used in soft or hard waters. It has excellent rinsing and finishing properties and is safe for use on all washable fabrics.

For Use On…

LAUNDRY EMULSIFIER is a fully surfactant rich liquid detergent made for industrial, institutional and commercial laundries where washing machines are supplied by Automatic Liquid Detergent Feed Systems.

It is suitable for cleaning heavily soiled laundry including whites, coloureds, cottons and synthetics.


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