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Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover

Additional Information

Code GR1, GR5

1L, 5L

pH Level

11.5 +/- 0.5

Product Description

What is Graffiti Remover?

Odour-free product that will
dissolve paint, ink and other graffiti from metal, fibreglass,
concrete and carpeted surfaces. Non-caustic.

Product Use

GRAFFITI REMOVER quickly and thoroughly
dissolves aerosol paint, felt-tipped pen ink, ballpoint
pen ink and other graffiti from metal, fibreglass,
concrete, brickwork and even carpeted surfaces. It
is ideal for use in railway carriages, on walls and
brickwork, and all other surfaces subjected to

Product Type

GRAFFITI REMOVER is a powerful solvent-type
paint and ink removal agent. It is water-emulsifiable
so it can be rinsed away effectively with water. It is
a low odour liquid with outstanding performance
and it is a thickened liquid so it will “cling” to vertical
surfaces. GRAFFITI REMOVER will not leave
unwanted chemical odours after being used. It is
not classified as Dangerous Goods.







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