Foaming Hand Wash

What is Foaming Hand Wash?

FOAMING HAND WASH is a non-thickened liquid hand soap that provides a rich foam lather. It is designed to be dispensed from special foaming hand soap dispensers that deliver the soap in the form of a foam rather than a liquid or lotion. This is a more economical way to dispense hand soap.

Key Benefits

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Non-hazardous (GHS)
  • Environmentally preferable
  • Economical in use

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How Does It Work?

FOAMING HAND WASH instantly produces a rich lather that floats away dirt and grime from the hands and leaves the skin soft and supple. FOAMING HAND WASH contains aloe vera and glycerine to enrich and care for the skin.

For Use On…

FOAMING HAND WASH is a gentle hand cleanser for use in offices, washrooms and factories where moderate to light soilage must be washed from the hands. FOAMING HAND WASH is more economical than bar and other liquid soaps because there is no waste, no pilferage and less chance of over-use with FOAMING HAND WASH in the washroom soap dispensers.


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