Flash Dry

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What is Flash Dry?

Boost your cleaning power with FLASH DRY. It is a high-performance glass and window cleaner that evaporates ultra-fast. It effectively removes grease and grime from shiny surfaces, kills 99.9% of germs, and leaves no streaks, smears or residues. It’s designed for spray-and-wipe cleaning of glass, chrome and all shiny surfaces.

Key Benefits

  • Blasts away smudges, oily films, finger-prints & other dirt
  • Evaporates ultra-fast
  • Makes cleaning faster
  • Leaves glass smear-free
  • Antibacterial: Kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Antistatic to reduce dust-cling
  • Pleasantly perfumed to lightly deodorise
  • Non-Dangerous Goods
  • Safe on window tint film
  • Versatile – cleans ALL shiny surfaces

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How Does It Work?

FLASH DRY contains a specially developed blend of alcohol solvents and low-residue surfactants in an aqueous base. These ingredients dissolve oils and release soilage from the surface being cleaned.

For Use On…

FLASH DRY will remove smudges, oily films, fingerprints and general soilage from glass, shiny laminates, stainless steel, chrome and perspex surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning windows, tinted glass, mirrors, display cabinets, tabletops, benches, poker machines, car, truck and bus windscreens, and a wide variety of other shiny, hard surfaces.

2 reviews for Flash Dry

  1. steven

    love flash dry was using another window cleaner that i was very impressed with thought id give flash dry a go not only is it much cheaper (by $15) but it does a better job very impressed THANKS AGAR for saving me time and money

  2. Debbie

    Amazing product. I purchased Flash Dry in a spray bottle to test.
    Extremely happy with its performance in our cleaning business. Everything sparkles. Will be changing to this product now in bulk. Yay! for Flash Dry

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