Fabric Softener

What is Fabric Softener & Rinse?

FABRIC SOFTENER & RINSE improves the feel of washed fabrics by imparting a softness and bulkiness to the fibres and helps to neutralise alkaline residues. Ideal for both laundry and upholstery fabrics.

How Does It Work?

FABRIC SOFTENER & RINSE is a perfumed blue liquid that improves the feel or handle of fabrics and upholstery by imparting a distinct softness and bulkiness to the fibres. Wool, cotton, polyester blends and all other fabrics are suitable for rinsing with FABRIC SOFTENER & RINSE. It helps eliminate static cling, drying times are reduced and it adds a pleasant fragrance and revitalises the brightness of coloured fabrics. Another benefit is the prevention of accelerated soiling due to adhesion of solid particles when static cling is present.

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For Use On…

  • Laundry FABRIC SOFTENER & RINSE is added to the final rinse water in washing machines. FABRIC SOFTENER & RINSE is ideal for use in all industrial, commercial and household laundry operations and is suitable for all Australian conditions. It stops the tendency of synthetic garments from clinging to the skin, especially after tumble-drying and stops problems caused by lint in the tumble-dryer.
  • Upholstery FABRIC SOFTENER & RINSE is the ideal partner to CITRUS EXTRA. Once the upholstery has been pre-sprayed with CITRUS EXTRA, it can be extracted with FABRIC SOFTENER & RINSE.


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