What is Dish-Kleena?

DISH-KLEENA is a high-foaming neutral detergent for handwashing dishes, glasses, utensils, cutlery, and pots and pans. It can be used with glass, china, and metal surfaces. DISH-KLEENA has been specifically formulated to be environmentally preferable and is GECA-certified.

  • Suspends food residues & rips through fatty films
  • Gentle on the hands – can’t be beaten for dishwashing
  • Very economical to use
  • Has a non-residual, fresh lemon perfume
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How Does It Work?

DISH-KLEENA will remove food, grease, protein matter, cooking fats, and oils from china, glass, and metal surfaces. Its excellent capacity for removing fats and food residues makes DISH-KLEENA an ideal pot-wash detergent. DISH-KLEENA works effectively in soft and hard water.

For Use On…

DISH-KLEENA is a high-foaming, neutral detergent for cleaning dishes, glasses, utensils, cutlery and pots and pans by hand washing in the kitchen sink. DISH-KLEENA is also excellent for general cleaning where a neutral detergent is required.


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