Carpet Shampoo

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What is Carpet Shampoo?

CARPET SHAMPOO is a concentrated cleaner which lathers up to a rich, stable foam that removes and suspends soil from carpet fibres. It produces a dry foam that will not wet the carpet backing.

Key Benefits

  • CARPET SHAMPOO produces a rich dry foam
  • It has an excellent cleaning action
  • CARPET SHAMPOO may be used on any type of carpet

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How Does It Work?

CARPET SHAMPOO is a concentrate that is diluted with water. The solution is applied to the carpet via a rotary scrubbing machine with a nylon brush. A rich foam is massaged throughout the fibres. As the carpet dries, the shampoo and soilage dry to a crystalline, non-oily residue that can be removed by vacuuming. CARPET SHAMPOO contains anti-resoiling resins that protect the carpet fibres and keep carpets looking cleaner longer.

For Use On…

CARPET SHAMPOO is perfect for cleaning all types of carpet with washable fibres (wool, nylons and synthetic blends).

1 review for Carpet Shampoo

  1. Peter Rosewall

    An excellent, less expensive alternative to Kirby Dry Foam carpet shampoo. Fragrance is nearly not detectable.

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