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Beer Line Cleaner Part 1
Beer Line Cleaner Part 2 - Liquid Detergent

Beer Line Cleaner

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Code BEE15, BEE25
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Product Description

What is Beer Line Cleaner?

Beer Line Cleaner is an easy-to-use, two-part liquid detergent for cleaning beer lines, extractors, manifolds and taps. Regular use will keep beer lines hygienically clean. This will ensure beer is served at its best.

How Does It Work?

Beer Line Cleaner  dissolves residues of beer stone, yeast, tannins and proteins and rinses away freely leaving beer lines hygienically clean. Beer Line Cleaner  is not corrosive to the materials used in the construction of beer drawing equipment.

For Use On…

Beer Line Cleaner  will keep beer-lines, extractors, manifolds and taps clean and free from beer-stone. This product satisfies the requirements of Carlton and United Breweries for products used to clean beer dispensing equipment.



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Download SDS File


Download SDS File


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