Alcohol Sanitiser AS-60

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What is Alcohol Sanitiser AS-60?

Alcohol Sanitiser AS-60 (73% v/v | 60% m/v) is a ready-to-use, no-rinse sanitiser for all cleaned surfaces. It evaporates quickly, has a strong antibacterial action and leaves no residues.
AS-60 is ideal for sanitising food contact areas, healthcare equipment, mattresses, phones, handrails, door handles, computer keyboards, even carpets.
AS-60 is also an excellent hand sanitiser.

Key Benefits

  • Sanitises many surfaces, even hands
  • Dries very quickly
  • Excellent for food-contact surfaces
  • Dissolves certain resins, inks, cosmetics, fats and oils
  • Removes dirt and fingerprints without smearing or streaking
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How Does It Work?

AS-60 has the ability to kill micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and many viruses by denaturing their proteins and dissolving their lipids (fatty materials). It is however not effective on bacterial spores. This germ-killing power makes AS-60 an excellent sanitiser for food-processing surfaces, door handles, taps, door touch-plates, toilet seats and other human contact surfaces. For maximum effectiveness, the surfaces should first be cleaned with an Agar detergent to remove bulk soilage before AS-60 is applied.

For Use On…

AS-60 is ideal for sanitising food contact surfaces including benchtops, cutting boards, hotplates (when cold – not when hot), utensils, cutlery, range-hoods, and processing machines. It will also remove “sticky tape” residues, cosmetic stains, fingerprints and smears from hard surfaces. It is also useful for cleaning glass windows and mirrors.

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    Use this product everywhere sanitising is required.

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