Anti-Static Carpet Spray

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What is Anti-Static Carpet Spray?

ANTI-STATIC CARPET SPRAY is an easy-to-apply carpet treatmentthat prevents static electricity from building up in carpet fibres.

Key Benefits

  • Is economical and gives excellent results.
  • Invisible and does not affect the feel of the carpet.
  • Perfumed and pleasant to use.

Anti-Static CARPET SPRAY is a premium-grade spray-on treatment that prevents static electricity accumulating on carpet fibres. Static electricity may build up on an untreated carpet as a result of the friction between people’s shoes and the carpet fibres. It is especially prevalent when the air humidity is low. The resulting sparks and discharges that occur when the occupant touches a metal surface are both annoying and hazardous, particularly near sensitive electronic equipment. A build-up of static charge also attracts dirt and dust particles from shoes and from the air and thereby contributes to rapid soiling of the carpet.

Anti-Static CARPET SPRAY eliminates all of these problems by providing a treatment to the fibres which stops static charge from accumulating. The product has a pleasant perfume, has no tendency to attract dirt, will not change the feel of the carpet and is compatible with most fluorocarbon products. Usually, the treatment with Anti- Static CARPET SPRAY will last 3-6 months or from one cleaning to the next (whichever occurs first).


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