What is Ambergold?

AMBERGOLD is a premium quality all-over bodywash shampoo. The rich, luxurious foam rinses away soils and leaves the skin feeling soft and enriched and the hair silky, conditioned and manageable. AMBERGOLD is balanced to the natural pH of the skin, and is very mild and gentle even on sensitive skin. It is suitable for use in both soft and hard water.

Key Benefits

  • Mild action on the skin.
  • Conditions the hair.
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft and clean.
  • Gentle enough to use everyday.
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AMBERGOLD contains synthetic surfactants selected for their mild cleansing action, dimethicone and modified gum conditioners, provitamin B5, pearlescent, food colour, cosmetic preservative, fragrance, sequestrant and water. Contains no formaldehyde


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