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L.A.D. Dairy Detergent

Additional Information

Code LAD200


pH Level

1.0 +/- 0.5

Product Description

What is L.A.D?

L.A.D. Detergent is a highly-concentrated, acidic, foaming detergent sanitiser for foam-cleaning hard surfaces in food preparation areas.
It can also be used to remove calcium, lime and rust stains from brickwork, ceramic tiles and masonry.

Key Benefits

  • Highly concentrated
  • Removes hard water scale and rust stains
  • Dual action of cleaning and sanitising
  • Ideal for all food processing areas
  • High-foaming

How Does It Work?

L.A.D Detergent is based on phosphoric acid which is less corrosive than other mineral acids but very effective in dissolving mineral deposits. It also contains high foaming biodegradable surfactants to provide excellent detergency and an abundant quantity of foam. It fits into a two-stage sanitising process where it complements the alkaline first clean. Alternating between alkaline and acidic detergents is desirable because it reduces any potential build-up of organisms that are tolerant to particular pH conditions.

For Use On…

L.A.D. Detergent is designed for cleaning external surfaces in food preparation areas, such as stainless steel, brickwork, ceramic tiles and masonry.
It is not suitable for soft metals such as zinc, copper or brass and



Download SDS File


Download SDS File