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Hook Oil Concentrate

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Product Description

What is Hook Oil Concentrate?

HOOK OIL CONCENTRATE forms an emulsion in water that makes a rust-prevention compound and lubricant for meat-handling equipment such as meat-hooks, slides, gambrels and rollers. HOOK OIL CONCENTRATE works in conjunction with HOOK CLEAN and HOOK ACID in a 3-stage process of cleaning and oiling the equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Safe for indirect food contact
  • Stops rusting
  • Lubricates hooks, rollers and rails
  • Does not build up
  • Easy to remove, clean and maintain

How Does It Work?

HOOK OIL CONCENTRATE is mixed with water and forms a white emulsion. Metal meat-hooks and equipment that have been cleaned are dipped into the emulsion and then allowed to dry. They dry with a rich coating of oils that prevent rusting and aid lubrication.

For Use On …

HOOK OIL CONCENTRATE is for use on meat-hooks, gambrels, rollers, rails, slides and chains. HOOK OIL CONCENTRATE is used in conjunction with HOOK CLEAN and HOOK ACID to give a complete cleaning and protection system for meat-handling equipment.



Download SDS File


Download SDS File