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Concrete Clean

Product Description

What is Concrete Clean?

Concrete Clean is an acidic liquid detergent designed to remove dried concrete from metal and painted surfaces.
It is ideal for cleaning concrete trucks and concrete mixing equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly dissolves dried or wet concrete.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent acid attack of bare iron and steel.
  • Removes rust and hard water scale deposits from surfaces.
  • Because it has a detergent action, Concrete Clean can still work even when the surface is coated with a light oil film.

How Does It Work?

Being based on hydrochloric acid, Concrete Clean has an excellent action in dissolving the lime component of concrete. The resulting salts are water-soluble and can be hosed away.
The detergent component of the product ensures that it wets the surface thoroughly and uniformly while also emulsifying any light oil films that may be present.
For use on…

Concrete Clean is for use on concrete mixing trucks, portable concrete mixers, floats, trowels and other concrete equipment.
Being a very strong acid, Concrete Clean should not be used on marble, terrazzo, laminates and other acid-sensitive surfaces. It should be diluted to at least 1 in 5 for use on ceramic tiles, slate or brickwork.



Download SDS File


Download SDS File